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“As Syrian Christians, we used to live in peace under Assad. Assad is not a perfect man, yet he gave the Christians freedom and rights the same as Muslims. We could wear what we wanted and we had churches all over the country.

“Then when the uprising started, we began to see many Islamist jihadists from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. They began to kill us (the Christians) and other minorities who are considered infidels. The Islamists killed us with knives and even decapitated some and burned down our churches.

“Now, Christians are not welcome under their Islamist rule. No Western country will give us visas. Many times, we feel like the whole world, want to see the Christians of Syria slaughtered!”

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SyrianRefugeeAid accentSince the civil war in Syria began, Christians have increasingly suffered attacks from radical Islamists. ICC receives reports of murders, rapes, and other atrocities committed against Syrian Christians on a daily basis!

In the past 18 months, a staggering 2 million Syrians have fled their country to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Syrian Christian leaders are asking for our help for those Christians who have fled. Unable to work, they are desperate. Help is necessary to sustain the families and very little aid has come to them so far.

We are working directly with churches on the ground to provide the basic needs of food and shelter, so that children and families can stay intact and healthy. To meet the need, we are partnering with other Christian groups to provide food for these Christians.


Photos: (top) Close-up of a refugee tent. (bottom) Christian refugee children playing. 

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The great news is that ICC will match anything you give towards these Christians, dollar for dollar. If you give $50, we will pitch in $50. If you give $100, we will pitch in $100 making your gift $200, effectively doubling your gift. We will do this for the first $10,000 donated.

Would you join us today as we provide care for those who are fleeing Syria? As always, we will use your gifts efficiently, ethically, and effectively, to assist the Christians victimized by this civil war. I promise!


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