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The Iraqi church is on the brink of disappearing.

Incredibly, in the past decade, the Iraqi Church has shrunk from 1.2 million Christians to 200,000. In the Iraq war, Christians were left totally unprotected and were either slaughtered or left Iraq.

Those that could, fled to other countries. Those that were left, fled to the North of the country, into the Kurdish areas where they have been safe. . .until now.

As you’ve seen in the news, Islamic Jihadists from Syria have streamed across the border and are taking Iraq with complete brutality. In some cities they have killed the entire male population. There are reports of mass executions of 1,000+ Shia men.

Mosul, a city in northern Iraq, had been relatively safe for Christians, but now the Jihadi fighters have driven all the Christians out. They have fled further east, to the city of Irbil.


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Thousands of Christians have poured into the Kurdish city of Irbil, many of them escaping their homes with only what they could carry. Irbil is one of the only safe places left for them. This is truly a desperate situation.

The small churches of Irbil and surrounding Kurdistan are ready to serve their brothers and sisters who have taken refuge in their cities but are requesting our help.

Will you work with us to provide emergency food, blankets, tents, etc for the Iraqi Christians taking a stand in maybe the last safe place in Iraq?

All the aid will flow through Christian churches on the ground to provide the basic needs of those affected.

The majority of our aid will go to Christians, but we will also be helping non-Christian families in need.

This is one of the most powerful game-changers on the ground. Word spreads around that the Christians love and want to help their fellow man. Because of this, non-Christians quickly gain a favorable impression of Christians and want to help and protect them.

How You Can Help


Would you join us today as we provide care for those who are fleeing Islamic Jihadists?

As always, we will use your gifts efficiently, ethically, and effectively, to assist the Christians victimized by this civil war. I promise!


Jeff King 


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You can also donate over the phone or by mail. Just specify that your gift is for "Iraqi Crisis Response"

To give by phone please call 1-800-ICC-5441

To give by mail, please send your check to:
International Christian Concern
P.O. Box 8056
Silver Spring, MD 20907