Download ICC's 2016 "hall of shame" report



ICC's newly released annual "Hall of Shame" report for 2016 highlights the world's 12 countries that are the worst persecutors of Christians. This year's report is unique, as it divides countries into three categories:

  • Worst of the Worst
  • Core Countries
  • New and Noteworthy

The final category includes the United States, as well as Russia and Mexico. This is the first time in our history that we've included the United States in our annual "Hall of Shame."

While conditions in the US are in no way comparable to other countries on the list, a certain segment of the culture and the courts seems to be intent on driving faith out of the public square. There have been too many court cases with bad decisions to miss the clear trend line.
Given this context of declining religious freedom domestically, it is of the utmost importance to raise awareness on the issue. Please download the "Hall of Shame" report and share this unique report with your churches, family, friends, and communities.