The Bridge 2017

Uniting the Church, Government Leaders, NGOs, and Ministries
to Break the Chains of the Persecuted in North Korea


Most Christians have no idea that in the early 1900's, North Korea was the epicenter of a historic revival. Massive numbers of people came to Christ!

But right after that, Satan invaded to crush this revival and the satanic Kim regime took over and North Korea's Christians descended into Hell.

North Korea has existed as a hellish prison state and great enemy of the Gospel that has imprisoned and killed hundreds of thousands of Christians.

We've been interviewing North Korean defectors and experts for months and there is a very real sense that we are close to the end of this regime and that soon, we will see the release of the bride of Christ in North Korea!

We seem to be on the edge of one of the great Gospel opportunities in the last 100 years and yet the Western Church is not prepared.

At this year's Bridge conference, we will call out in prayer for the Lord to break open the prison doors of North Korea.

We are gathering politicians, defectors, North Korea experts, Church leaders, and numerous ministries that work on North Korea to show you how you can be practically involved in bringing the Gospel to North Korea and touching and freeing her prisoners.

We are partnering with Saddleback Church this year to bring you The Bridge. Come to The Bridge.


Main Conference

  • Location:   Saddleback Church, CA
  • Date:          June 2&3, 2017


Policy Day

  • Location:   Washington DC
  • Date:          May 24, 2017


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