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Community Rebuild, Kids Care, Support Wives and Children, Oh My! Your Donations at Work


Community Rebuild: Delivering Aid to Pakistani Victims

When a mob of fundamentalist Muslims burned 200 Christian homes to the ground in Lahore, Pakistan, ICC donors wasted no time reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need. Over $60,000 was raised in just four short days, and a few weeks later, aid was distributed to 250 families to assist the Christian community.

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ICC understood that the undertaking of a community rebuild in the colony would be more efficient and also render a more positive outcome by working with local churches and Christian organizations in the area. Not only would churches be able to follow-up and minister to families once supplies were distributed, but partnering with local Christian leaders would also give locals ownership of the community rebuild project. For that reason, ICC engaged more than a dozen local churches, colleges, and organizations to participate in the project.

“There is usually a lot of competition between organizations in Pakistan, but this was the first time that any organization had clearly named the budget amount for the project and engaged the local community,” said a local Christian leader who was involved with the community rebuild of Lahore.

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On March 30, the 250 Christian families received the following supplies: a heavy blanket, towels, an iron, a gas stove, a fan, dresses for women and school uniforms for children, socks and undergarments, backpacks and school supplies, cooking utensils, kitchen supplies, water storage container, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and a food package. 


The victims were overjoyed by the support that was provided. “No organization had provided the victims with such durable relief items of very good quality,” said a member of the distribution team. “They were so happy because the relief items had been selected with their consultation and exactly met their needs.”

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Good Life Club Update

ICC funded seven Good Life Club (GLC) missions, in which trained professionals hike into the foothills of Burma to aid about 1,000 Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) per camp. These missions offer minor medical  aid, dental work, survival training and basic sanitation. GLC also provides discipleship, like Vacation Bible School.




Sewing Shops to Indian Christians

ICC provided funds to initiate sewing shops for five women in India. This provides persecuted families with an additional resource during the off-season of fishing, the husbands’ trade. After assessing the families in need, it was determined that these five needed the most help, as two women were pregnant.

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Suffering Wives and Children: The Family of Death Row Victim Starts Over

The wife of a Christian wrongfully sentenced to death, Ameena needed assistance like no other. After moving their family out of an extremely unsafe neighborhood, we recently furnished her new heated home, put the kids into quality Christian schools, and provided a self-sustaining business for Ameena to provide for the kids.



Small Businesses, Big Assurance

ICC provided funds to start 14 small businesses (such as small shops and livestock businesses) for persecuted families in India. These families were affected by the 2008 violence and had not been helped until now. Many of them were visted by ICC’s Regional Manager on location. He was able to record their stories and pray with them.

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Kids Care: Fans to Children in Bangladesh

As the summer weather arrives early in Bangladesh, ICC sent much-needed fans to persecuted children residing in our safe home who were rescued from Islamic traffickers. Although a small purchase, it is another reminder to the children that they are not alone, and that God cares for and provides all of our needs, both big and small.

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Back to School! Orphanage Receives Aid

After much private tutoring to play catch-up, all 14 children of ICC’s India orphanage will be heading to school for the first time this spring! Two of the children qualified for entrance to a prestigous private Christian institution. Your donations covered the cost of tuition for all 14 children, including uniforms and school supplies.


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