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Testimonies: How Your Donations are Changing Lives



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Shanti was just 14 years old when her life violently changed. A group of Muslim men wandered into her small Christian village, kidnapped and gang raped her. They forced her to sign documents stating she had converted to Islam of her own “free will.” She was then forced to marry one of her captors and kept in seclusion, her family unaware of her location.

Shanti faced weeks of terrifying abuse and isolation until she was rescued by an ICC contact. Now free, she is living in a safe house with other chil­dren rescued from similar situations. Because of your generous donations, Shanti’s education, daily care and legal fees to annul her “marriage” and legally change her religion back to “Christian” are being taken care of by ICC. Seeing an end to her horrifying ordeal, and living in a safe place, Shanti is finally smiling again.




Assisting the persecuted church bibles to children

“They are wearing the same clothes every day,” noted Corey, re­ferring to the boys ICC helped rescue after they were sold to Islamic training centers (madrassas). Her host said, “Yes, they were very poor, and they came to us with only the clothes on their back.”

When Corey returned from visiting the children, she arranged for ICC to purchase each child a brand new set of clothes for Christmas. In addition to the new outfit, each child was given a Bible translated in their tribal lan­guage. None of the children had ever owned their own Bible, and were “all full of smiles” when they realized they would get to keep them as “their very own.” On her visit, a few of the boys told Corey that they wanted to be min­isters when they grew up. Being able to read the Bible in their native lan­guage is another step to helping them realize that dream!


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