Crossing the Bridge

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Chinese Believers Baptized Secretly in Bathtub

Buildings: Necessary to Build a Church?

ICC Assists the Suffering Church of Garissa, Kenya Finds Healing and Encouragement in the Face of Persecution

Bent Knees, Wet Eyes, Broken Heart: Imprisoned Pastors

Vietnam: Even as Western Influence Expands, Christians Remain Firmly in the Cross-Hairs

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Stay or Go? Question for Suffering Pastors

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From the Ashes, Faith will Rise

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What Do Suffering Christians and Mangoes Have in Common?

Corruption and Conspiracy in Countries Where Christians are Persecuted

Christian Persecution Stories: ‘My Son’s Blood Will Be on My Hands’

For One of the Least of These: The Injustice of Child Persecution

Christian persecution in Tanzania Escalates Dramatically in 2013

And the Persecution Continues: Lies and Propaganda in Bangladesh

Community Rebuild, Kids Care, Support Wives and Children, Oh My! Your Donations at Work

Arrests for Insulting Islam in Egypt Reveal How Christians are Persecuted Today

The Great Persecution of Christians Includes the Trafficking of Children

India: A Legacy of Christian Suffering

Waiting for a Miracle: New Life in the Face of Christian Persecution

The Son of an Imam Becomes an Underground Pastor

Christian Persecution Spreads to Southern India

Baptist Christian Sits in Prison: Pray for Tohar

How to Build a Church on Wheels: Encountering God’s Spirit on a Missionary’s Motorcycle

A Great Persecution of Christians is at Syria’s Doorstep

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Is Persecution Normal? A Child’s Perspective

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When Will Forced Church Closures in Indonesia End?

No Pit is So Deep that God’s Love is Not Deeper Still

Christian Persecution in Eritrea: A Prisoner’s Testimony

You Want Me to LOVE the Perpetrators of Christian Persecution?

'I thought I would die'

Though in the Darkness; Never Alone

The Winning Side: An Intern's Perspective with Persecution

The Northern War: A Christian People put their Last Hope in God

Smuggling Bibles into China (and why Christians could be smuggling more)

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Dozens Arrested, Church Attacked; Persecution of Christians on the Rise in Libya

Josiah’s Story

Testimonies: How Your Donations are Changing Lives

Clandestine Christianity in Somalia

Hope Remains

When God’s Love Leaps for Joy

Adija – A Suffering Christian Burned in the Name of God/Allah

Religious Persecution is on the Rise in East Africa

Hope and a Future: Even for Suffering Orphans

Strengthening the Underground Church in Somalia

Despite Threats of Imprisonment, the Persecuted Church in Algeria Refuses to be Intimidated

Pressed Down but Not Destroyed: Thoughts on Religious Persecution

Death Imminent for Protectors of Christian Blasphemy Girl

It’s Getting Better, but Chinese Persecution of Christians Isn’t Over Yet

“Not Cool, Robert Frost!” and Other Thoughts on Religious Persecution

On the Ground in Southeast Asia

Take Action Against Religious Persecution: Write an Encouraging Letter to a Persecuted Child Today!

The Forgotten Victims of Persecution, Part II

The Forgotten Victims of Persecution, Part I

'We Will Burn You and Your Believers to Death'

The Hard Truth and Beautiful Hope: An Intern's Experience with Persecution


Suffering Christians in Nigeria Endure Another Violent Christmas

A Thousand Questions about the Suffering Church Part 2

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Broken Skulls and Lies: Christian Persecution Stories

Sheep in the midst of wolves; stories of Christian persecution in Nigeria

A Thousand Questions about the Suffering Church Part 1

Beauty and Sacrifice: My Trip Through Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

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Persecuted Christians in America: Fact or Fiction?

A Suffering Christian Burned in the Name of God/Allah

The Suffering Church and Why We Should Care

Great Persecution of Christians in Modern Times: Sudan

Islamic Persecution of Christians Mounting as Wahhabis Plummet Egypt into New Dark Age

In His Name All Oppression Shall Cease: Jesus, Christmas and Religious Persecution

Advocating for Religious Minorities

Christian Persecution Stories: A Muslim-Background Believer

Islamic Persecution of Christians: Question Marks Over Future of Christians in Egypt

Why Are We Surprised? What the Bible Says about Persecution

Kenya’s Christians: The Latest Target of Islamic Terrorism

Persecution of Christians Not Enough to Warrant Terrorist Designation for Boko Haram

When Community Rebuild is More than Bricks and Two-by-Fours

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Rimsha's Release: Christian Girl's Freedom a Far Cry from Justice

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Five Ways to Help the Persecuted Church in Five Minutes

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Saudi Arabia Tortures Christian Prisoners

China Resumes Persecution of Christians

Hopes Dashed For Promised Release Of Detained Christians In Saudi Arabia

New Year Greeted With Bomb Blasts In Indonesia

Saudi Arabia: 14 Detained Christians Released in Time for Christmas

Indonesia: "Bloody Christmas" Averted

Campaign of Terrorism in Indonesia

Campaign of Terrorism in Indonesia

Terrorists Kill 15 Christians During Sunday Service In Pakistan

Boy Pleads for Help for Father Detained in Saudi Arabia

Saudis Strike Another Blow to Religious Freedom

Daring Rescue in Indonesia

Saudi Police Snatch Another Christian in Midnight Raid

Saudi Police Snatch Another Christian in Midnight Raid

America's Ally Saudi Arabia Continues Crackdown on Christians

The Untold Tragedies of Maluku

Over 400 House Churches Destroyed in China

Maluku Operation Rescue Underway